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    The Kürti group focuses on the develpment of powerful new methods for the expedient enantioselective assembly of highly functionalized biaryls, heterocycles and carbocycles. Thus we have been exploring several fundamentally new strategies for the transition-metal-free direct: (i) arylation of arenes; (ii); a-arylation of ketones, esters and amides; (iii) O-arylation of oximes; (iv) primary amination of arylboronic acids and (v) intramolecular C(sp2)-H amination of arenes. In-depth experimental and computational studies have already identified the critical factors required for efficient alkyl-aryl, aryl-aryl, O-aryl, N-alkyl and N-aryl bond-formation and led to several innovative and environmentally benign methods for the rapid preparation of structurally diverse arylated carbonyl compounds, functionalized biaryls as well as O- and N-heterocycles.